Hottie Hump Day 43

Thanks to everyone who submitted hotties to me the past couple weeks! I have so many hotties in my inbox, it’s singed.

I’m overwhelmed with all the hotties. Not that I’m complaining.

So I guess I’ll share the feeling.

The lovely Diane, has made some HAWT tributes to the guys of Sole Regret and Sinners. Here are a few.

Who do you think is who from left to right?

And another she compiled.

And a tribute to both groups at once.

And a few more rock star erotic romance inspiring hotties.

This one is from Kate.

And a couple of nominees for Kellen “Cuff” of Sole Regret.

Because I’m working on a story for a Christmas Anthology called “Share Me” and it’s in Kellen’s and Owen’s POV. And damn Kellen’s thoughts are driving me nuts.


This guy is just a little to cute to be Kellen, but he could be Owen.

Thanks for the inspiration, Ada.

And for those who come for the naked guys.


Have a great hump day!