I’m a Lover, I’m a Sinner

I got this song stuck in my head on Friday and I cannot get it out. HELP!

Not that it’s a bad song. It’s a great song. I love the riff so, so much. And it needs to go on Jace’s playlist. So many of the lyrics fit him perfectly. Wanna go for a ride? Yes, please. The song is called “Zero”.

More Smashing Pumpkins.

Bullet with Butterfly Wings.

Okay, now I’m feeling really mellow. I might slip into a coma after this next one.


And you can’t have a Smashing Pumpkins montage without Cherub Rock for crying out loud.

What’s your favorite Smashing Pumpkins’ song?

You know you have one.

Don’t try to deny it.


Have a great Monday!