The 5 Days of Xmas Giveaway – Day One

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This week we’re celebrating Music Monday and every day of the week with a different story from the new anthology, A Very Naughty Xmas. Come back each day for your chance to win a book from each author’s back list and to read a naughty excerpt from each story.

Today we have Stephanie Julian and her anthology story, An Indecent Proposition. Like me, she loves hard rock music, so I’ll leave you in her capable hands for your weekly dose of tunes.

What would you do for half a million dollars?

Would you sleep with a stranger?

Julianne is sinking under the weight of her mother’s medical debt. She needs money to give her mom the life she deserves without stress and she’ll do what it takes. So yes, she’ll sleep with a stranger… if she’s attracted to him.

Luckily for Julianne, Keegan and Erik are worthy of her attraction. You’ll have to read the story to find out why.

Since I’m guesting on Olivia’s blog and because I know this is Music Monday, here’s a few songs to get you in the right mood.

For Erik, here’s a little Slipknot. “Disasterpiece.” It perfectly fits his state of mind.

Keegan’s more of a classic rock guy, so how about a little Bruce.

Halestorm’s “I Miss The Misery” is the perfect song for Julianne. Take a listen and see if you don’t agree.

Want some visual stimulation?

Warning from Olivia: These are hot menage pics, but NOT safe for work! View at your own risk.

 Now, how about an excerpt from “An Indecent Proposition”?

“No way, Jules.” Another set of hands grabbed her hips and Erik’s naked chest plastered itself to her back. “You don’t come again until I’m deep in your ass and Keegan’s fucking your pussy.”

She broke off the kiss, gasping for air as his words shocked her. Lust blazed through her, stealing her breath, stealing her sanity. She couldn’t believe how close to orgasm she could get from only the sound of Erik’s voice. She shivered, tucking her head into Keegan’s neck.

“Will you let me have your pussy, Jules?” Keegan’s voice threw gasoline on the fire. With her legs spread, her sex felt so damn empty, she knew she’d agree to anything these men wanted.

“God, yes. Please. I need it. Now.”

“Oh, no. Not yet.” Erik ran a hand down her back, stroking her, petting her. “It’s our turn to make you beg.”

Yes, that’s what she wanted—for these two men to give her what she needed.

She wanted to say yes but all that emerged was a moan because Erik had slipped his hand between her legs. He played his fingers over her labia and up to her clit, barely brushing against that little bundle of nerves but managing to make her shudder.

Shifting against Keegan, she opened her mouth on his neck, sinking her teeth into his skin as Erik began a wicked pattern, flicking her clit then moving back to wiggle one finger between her sex lips, working a little deeper each time.

Just a little more…

She tried to wriggle down onto his finger but Keegan’s arms tightened and she couldn’t move. She was totally at their mercy.

And Erik had none.

He played her ruthlessly, teasing her clit until she was right on the edge of orgasm then pulling back to knead her ass, leaving her high and dry. Erik used his other hand to wrap around her hair and pull her head back so Keegan could take her mouth again.

As he slid his tongue into her mouth, winding around hers, Erik pressed open-mouthed kisses to her shoulder.

God, she felt shaky, desperate. When Erik’s hand returned to her sex, she felt tears form as he worked two fingers into her sex.

Yes. That’s what she needed. To be filled, stuffed to capacity.

Two cocks. One man at her back, another man in front of her.

 Yes, yes, yes.

“Let me have her a moment.”

Erik’s voice barely registered but she felt her weight shift as he wrapped one arm around her waist and held her against his chest. Keegan grabbed her ankles and unwound her legs from his waist, his motions jerky as he stripped off his clothes. She saw buttons fly off his shirt, making tiny pings as they landed on the wood floor. He didn’t bother to untie his shoes, just toed them off and shoved his pants down his legs.

Arching her back, she reached above and behind her, her hands curving around Erik’s neck, encouraging him to lean forward. He understood what she wanted and let her slide down his front until her feet hit the floor. His hands reached around to cup her breasts, kneading them, pinching the tight nipples with his thumbs and forefingers.

His cock pressed against the small of her back, a hot brand that made her sex weep with wanting. He bit and licked his way across her shoulders as she watched Keegan toss his pants to the side, after pulling a condom from the pocket, and step forward. His cock stood stiff and ready, and she reached for him, wrapping one hand around his shaft while the other went to cup his balls.


WHOA! Is it hot in here?

Thanks, Stephanie!

I’m giving away an ebook or paperback copy of any book by Stephanie Julian. All you have to do is answer Stephanie’s question in the comment section below.

Would you sleep with a stranger for half a million dollars? Why or why not?

I’ll announce the winner tomorrow! Good luck! Check back tomorrow for another excerpt and another chance to win.