The 5 Days of Xmas Giveaway – Day Four

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On the 4th day of Xmas we have the lovely Cari Quinn joining us!

Jingling balls and all…

candy caneHi everyone! Huge thanks to Olivia for having me here today to talk about my story, JINGLE BALL, in A VERY NAUGHTY XMAS. I was so thrilled to be asked to contribute to such an amazing anthology with authors I’ve been a fan of for years!

I’ve published close to twenty short stories, novellas, and novels in the past few years and one consistent element in my work is my love of smexy scenes and humor. Sometimes together. The title JINGLE BALL was definitely tongue-in-cheek. It relates to the story, but it also amused my inner ten-year-old child. As did thinking about what fun items found on your typical Christmas tree could be used to offer sexual pleasure…like clothespin style ornaments. And garland. And maybe a thick candy cane.

Yep, a candy cane.


Cole smiled and held out the long, thick candy cane to Des. Someone had brought it to the party the other night. “Hungry? I brought you a present.”

Des came around the desk and accepted the candy, eyeing it with an appreciation that caused her panties to dampen even more. None of this should be turning her on, but apparently her body didn’t realize that.

“Hmm. I’m not usually a fan of sweets.” Wendy thought of his newly developed sugar habit and then clamped her lips together when he looked her way. “What about you, Wendy?”

“I’m not hungry.”

Des and Cole glanced at each other, matching predatory smiles crossing their ridiculously sexy faces. Cole had dimples and Des’s spiky hair could’ve hidden devil horns, but for that instant she could tell they were of one very dirty mind.

Des stepped forward and stroked the wrapped cane down her throat. She held his gaze, unwilling to slip into the same submissive role she had last time. There was no alcohol in her bloodstream right now. Lust, yes, but she could control that.


He ran his tongue under her jaw in a long, patient sweep. “Do you want to be here?”

She should say no. What she’d wanted with Des—or what she’d believed she wanted anyway—was a chance at a normal relationship. This was not that.

But she wasn’t moving away. She was nodding yes and arching as he unbuttoned her jacket and bared the lacy white teddy beneath. The top of it played peekaboo nicely with her suit, and the rest was a series of swirling cutouts and mesh. Her skirt hid what covered her groin—or didn’t.

“So businesslike outside.” Des’s finger skated down the rise of her breasts, detouring over each taut nipple showcased in thin netting. “So not beneath. What’s under here?” he asked, tracing her waistband.

She pulled off a shrug though she could feel herself dampening to the point of embarrassment. “See for yourself.”

“I think I will.” He passed off the candy cane to Cole then tugged on her skirt with both hands, his expression glazing at the sight of her pussy framed in white lace. Garters and sheer stockings completed the outfit. “You test me, Wendy.”

“Do I?” She licked her lips with the tip of her tongue, pleased to see the flex of his cock against his trousers. “It’s so hard to tell.”

He drew his fingers over her slit, scarcely touching her, and she jerked back. His smile was like the sun emerging from behind a cloud, bright and disarming. “I bet you taste like candy. Do you like having a man between your legs?”

Answering seemed like another way to give in. She tried to make her face expressionless, determined to make him work for her reactions if nothing else.

Cole peeled the plastic off the cane before stepping forward and placing the rounded tip against her mouth. “You know you want some.”


When I wrote this story, I knew some people might be squicked out by the use of candy in a sex scene. I completely understand this, as I’d have to be suitably motivated myself to engage in such debauchery. This, however, is not my first time using candy in such a manner. In NEED ME, book 3 in my Unveiled series, there is the creative usage of a candy necklace. And in an early version of one of my published books, in an attempt to avoid the age old smexy scene with whipped cream, my hero took a fancy to, um, sour cream. Hey, what can I say? I’m a big fan of Mexican food! (Alas, that scene was edited out of the final version. But luckily I still have candy to play with!)

I love to eat, which is probably why food ends up in some of my intimate scenes. Also, it’s playful. I do realize that it’s not for everyone, and I’m not entirely sure it’d be for me either in real life, unless maybe Des from JINGLE BALL was coming—ahem—at me, candy cane in hand. Then maybe I’d do some renegotiating of my personal limits!

So since today’s my birthday—woot!—and there’s an ice cream cake with my name all over it, here’s my question for you:

How hungry are you right now?

One winner will win their choice of ebook from my backlist (excludes Cowboy Lust.) Just leave a comment below!


Happy birthday, Cari! Now I want cake. What’s your favorite flavor of cake and ice cream?