The 5 Days of Xmas Giveaway – DAY FIVE

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It’s the final giveaway of the week!

The winner for yesterday’s giveaway is Texas Book Lover. Check your email and claim your prize!

Today on the blog, we have Raven Morris with her story, Christmas is Coming. Knowing Raven, I have no doubt that the title is very tongue-in-cheek. 🙂


Christmas is Coming! Only 18 more days – What’s on YOUR wishlist?

What do you get the man who has everything? The one who gives you everything?

This is the dilemma Debra faces. Jack, her husband, has given her the best gift of all: his love. Along with that comes a wonderful home, great times together, and, oh yeah, some unexpected but not unwanted experimentation in the bedroom. See, for her birthday, Jack gave Debra her (and his) ultimate fantasy: another man in bed with them. So now, here it is, Christmas and Debra wants to come up with a gift every bit as wonderful for Jack.

But Jack’s got another trick up his sleeve. His buddy David had helped make Debra’s birthday special for both of them—hell, all three of them. What better way to celebrate the holiday than with a repeat performance?

Imagine Jack’s surprise when his curious wife goes outdoes him in the gift department…

Enjoy a sneak peek of Jack and Debra’s holiday surprise. Oh, and a few other “peeks” as well…

Excerpt from Christmas is Coming: 

Amanda reached behind her back and Debra heard the hiss of a zipper.

The guys were staring at her.

Debra couldn’t blame them. Those double-Ds were a sight to behold.

Amanda drew her dress down and pulled her arms out of the sleeves.

“Holy fuck.” David took the words out of Debra’s mouth.

“Yes, Dave, that’s what I want from you.” Amanda cupped her breasts in that sexy scrap of lace that was held together with one tiny bow-shaped ribbon at the center, her thumbs playing with her nipples. “While Jack over there sucks on these.” She looked at Debra. “Okay with you, Deb?”

Debra looked at Jack. His eyes had fire in them.

“Deb?” he asked.

Debra swallowed then licked her lips. “Merry Christmas, Jack.”

He dragged her to him. Put a hand behind her neck and practically dragged her across the table, planting such an erotic kiss on her she could have come just from that.

But she didn’t. She was going to need all her strength to get through this night.

“I’m guessing that’s a yes for everyone.” Amanda’s laughter broke through the haze of sensuality and got him to stop.

But he didn’t move away.

“You’re sure, sweetheart?”

Debra nodded. “As sure as I was when you brought David here before.”

“I brought him back because you said you wanted to unwrap your gift. He’s wearing a bow, you know.”

Debra glanced over. David had opened the top two buttons of his shirt. “I don’t see one.”

“That’s because it’s not around my neck.” David unbuttoned another button and stood.

Jack chuckled when Debra’s gaze flew to David’s crotch.

David was just as aroused as he’d been last time and if she remembered correctly, quite well endowed. Not quite like Jack—but then, no one was like Jack—but enough that he’d given her pleasure.

“Great. We’re all in agreement.” Amanda stepped away from the table and dropped the dress into a puddle on the floor.

That tiny little thong with its side bows just begged for attention. As did the long line of red satin ribbons that wound up Amanda’s legs, with the pumps that would make an exotic dancer weep with envy.

Debra was already weeping…

Even more so when David dropped to his knees in front of Amanda, grabbed her hips, undid the bows, and shoved his face between her thighs.

“Oh, yeah, Dave, lick me.”

“No. Wait.” Debra surprised all of them by standing up. David pulled his face out of Amanda’s muff to look at her. “Sorry you two, but tonight is all about Jack’s Christmas gift. And you, Amanda, are that gift. If anyone’s going to be eating you out, it’s my husband.”


The best gifts come wrapped with a bow. Literally, in Debra’s and Jack’s case, but also figuratively, like when Olivia asked me to participate in this anthology with these awesomely talented writers. What a gift! Thanks to her, to the other authors, to my readers, and to the new readers who have discovered my stories (both as Raven and as Judi Fennell) through this anthology. Happy Holidays to all!

And now, the question: Would you if your significant other brought a “David” like these guys home for you?

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Answer Raven’s question for a chance to win a copy of any of her books in ebook or paperback.

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Okay, I’ll help you locate the question in case all the blood vacated your brain. Completely understandable.

Would you swing with another guy if your significant other brought a “David” home for you?