I’m Officially a Full-Time Author Now. ONLY a Full-Time Author.

I’m done, done, done, done, dooooooone with the day job.

So now I get to be a full-time author. Technically, I’ve always been a full-time author. I usually put in about 60 hours a week in writing or other writer-oriented activities. That’s full-time, right? Well now I get to do that without the additional 40 hour day job. Yay! I can get a life. And be able to write whenever I want.

So here is the song I chose to celebrate my last day as an employee.

Happy Friday!

I’m off to clean my house. For reals. I never have time to clean my house.

Update: Guess what just came in the mail? My passport! I’m going on a cruise in January. So excited! Yes, I do think it’s a sign that my passport arrived on my last day of work. πŸ™‚