Our First Brave Sinners Fangirls

I’m back from the boonies. My parents seriously need to get with the program and order Internet service. And live in a place that is warmer. They need to come visit me in the winter. Brrrrrr! I was greeted on the first day of visiting with snow.

That’s right. I left this (which is about a block away from my apartment):

iPhone 020

For this (which was a 975 mile drive):

iPhone 025

I do love my family and it was great seeing them, but I don’t like the cold. And I don’t like snow. At all. I don’t dream of a white Christmas unless it’s a white-sand-beach Christmas.

While I was gone, a few lovely Sinners fangirls sent in pictures of their Sinners tattoos to enter to win a Kindle Fire and a $50 gift card. Seriously? Only 3 entries so far? Those are pretty good odds! I think I’m going to enter myself. 🙂

So check out the entries over at Sinners Ink.

And add your picture and entry by following the instructions here:

Pre-Order Hot Ticket Contest