More Sinners Ink Entries Posted

Okay, we’re up to seven entries. Woot! And Trey is having way too much fun with this. Forgive him. He’s naughty.

Head over to check out the latest action on the Sinners Ink page.

If you want in on the fun, read the instructions here: Pre-Order Hot Ticket and get a guitar pick/Sinners tattoo, then enter to win a Kindle Fire HD and a $50 Amazon Gift Certificate.

In other news, I worked on Touch Me today and was writing up a storm, until my dog unplugged my computer and I lost some of my work. Thank the rock gods for autosave, but I still lost a few hundred words. I’m not even sure how she managed to unplug it. She likes to chew on her toys under my feet while I write, but this is the first time she’s managed to unplug my stinking computer from the wall.

Also they’re doing a new print run of Backstage Pass and altered the cover slightly. Here’s the new one! It matches the rest of the series better now.

Backstage Pass 2nd Edition-300

Sweet! And Backstage Pass comes out in audiobook in 3 days! I already ordered my copy. The audiobook publisher, Tantor, is selling it for half-price from now until December 31st, so if you’re interested in the audiobooks, now is a good time to get it (and pre-order the rest of the series). Here’s a link: Backstage Pass audiobook. It will be available at Audible soon too.B1095_BackstagePass_Audiobook

I’m loving this cover!

And now I’m going to stop throwing a tantrum over my dog unplugging my computer and work on Touch Me for the rest of the night. I want to finish it before I go on my cruise, so my editor can be working on it while I’m relaxing by the pool. Is that evil of me?