19 Nights Until Hot Ticket

Hot Ticket Countdown 19Only 19 more nights until Hot Ticket is officially released. Woohoo!

I got a lot of writing on Touch Me done today. I’m finally getting used to this full-time writer gig. I also took a two-hour walk today. It’s wonderful that I can do that in the middle of the day now. I’m adjusting to this new life slowly but surely. And I’m very, very happy. Just having a hard time figuring out what to do without a set schedule.

One thing about Jace’s book is that there are a lot of metal songs that lend themselves to the playlist.

First, we have 10 Years with Fix Me.

Jace has a lot of darkness in his past and he’s worried that the only reason Aggie sticks around is because he’s her pet project. What would you do if Jace said this to you?

Excerpt from Hot Ticket, Chapter 34

“I don’t like it when people hurt those I love,” Aggie said.
“Need to inflict all the pain yourself? Is that it?”
She slapped [Jace’s] ass with the paddle, and he groaned, his head tilting back.
“I don’t hurt you the way she did,” Aggie said.
“But you’re trying to.”
“No, I—”
“Do you think I’m stupid, Aggie? That I don’t know what you’re trying to do? You think I’m broken. You think you can fix me. All that ‘I love you’ bullshit doesn’t mean a damned thing, does it? You don’t love me. Not the real me. You love who you think you can make me.”

How does Aggie react? Well, you’ll have to wait 19 days and see. See you tomorrow.