17 Nights Until Hot Ticket

Hot Ticket Countdown 17

Only 17 more nights until Hot Ticket!

I’m still working on the playlist. This is Aggie’s love song to Jace. Awww, it’s so sweet.

Three Days Grace – Lost in You

Did you hear that the lead singer of Three Days Grace, Adam Gontier, left the band? *cries* Live and in the studio, he’s one of the best front men on the planet. *cries more* I hope some day he returns to music. He will be greatly missed.

Say hello to Aggie, also known as Mistress V.

Or else. 😉 What does the V stand for? I’ll leave that up to your imagination. The book won’t tell you. The V is actually a shout out to a friend of mine. It doesn’t really mean anything other than that, but we can pretend it does.

Aggie is tough as nails, except for when it comes to a certain bassist you might be familiar with. Hence, the mushy Three Days Grace song.

Have a great evening!