16 Nights Until Hot Ticket

Hot Ticket Countdown 16Only 16 more nights until Hot Ticket is released!

Tonight I have a couple of songs I’ve already mentioned will be on Hot Ticket’s playlist. First is Zero – Smashing Pumpkins.

Wanna go for a ride with Jace in the desert?

Here’s his bike.

Harley Fat Boy

Another Hot Ticket Playlist song I’ve shared before. Headstrong – Trapt

Did you know that Jace was a boxing champion in high school? Well, now you do.

Now, I can’t decide on which Papa Roach song to include on the playlist, so let me know what you think in the comments.

Our choices are Scars and Last Resort. I love both, but I don’t really want two Papa Roach songs on the playlist for variety sake.

First option is Scars.

Now excuse me for a moment while I sigh over Jacoby Shaddix. sigh…………..

Our other option. Last Resort.

Yeah, that was a Halo tribute video, but the official Papa Roach video is the “clean” version of the song and I hate censoring. Obviously. You’ve read my books. ;-o

It was a gorgeous day here in Galveston. Mid-60s. Took the dog for a  walk on the beach after I did a bit of writing on Touch Me. I’m not sure why this book is fighting me. I really hoped to have it finished by now, but it’s not cooperating at the moment. I’ll keep plugging along hoping the damn story catches fire and takes off. This happens to me sometimes. Usually at the worst possible times.

Have a great evening. See you tomorrow!