14 Nights Until Hot Ticket

Hot Ticket Countdown 14

Two more weeks! YES!

You might have heard that I recently went on a cruise. Well, it’s time to bore you with some vacation pictures and learn why it’s never a good idea to go on a vacation with a snarky erotic romance author.

Leaving Galveston we spent the first two nights at sea. And it was windy. And that makes the seas choppy. And I didn’t feel so good… But I did love having a balcony. I’m glad I splurged on a balcony room. So for two days this is what I looked at. After a quick tour of the boat, I decided to become a balcony recluse. I wanted to relax and there was nothing relaxing about the rest of that boat.

Cruise Vacation 003

After being a balcony recluse for two days (and yes, I did a bit of writing), we landed in lovely Jamaica. LAND!! WOO HOO!

Cruise Vacation 011

Upon disembarking, we’re standing in line waiting to go on our shore excursion and I spot this:

Cruise Vacation 017

FREE shopping!!! Wow, Jamaica is AWESOME! And then I realized the Reggae Kidz Store was covering the DUTY part of the sign. Oh well…

In Jamaica, I went zip-lining in the jungle. I’m such an adrenaline junkie. The sweethearts (and I ain’t gonna lie, Nicholas was a hottie, but young enough to be my son) that caught us bequeathed me with a speeding ticket, because being a science geek, I figured out that to get the greatest momentum you straighten your legs. *cough* I almost bit it on a tree. Luckily, it had padding. 🙂 I also have found some extra padding in recent months. Damned take-out food!

Cruise Vacation 040My son will be first to tell you that those harness are hard on the male anatomy.

Zip-lining is so much fun that I had to buy a shirt to commemorate the occasion and because it reminded me of a certain member of Sole Regret.

Cruise Vacation 045Back on the ship with us. The next day we landed in the Cayman Islands. YAY!! Land again. (Not a fan of the boat, folks. sorry…)

Our shore excursion on Grand Cayman was to the turtle farm. They’re saving the turtles in captive breeding programs to set them free and bring them back from extinction, but they also raise them as meat for the local people to eat them. So this cute little guy might be someone’s dinner some day. 😦 I’m going to pretend that he’s one of the ones who is being set free. Swim, Flippy, swim!!

Cruise Vacation 116

We had about 30 minutes to shop. And what drew my attention? The inexpensive designer jewelry and watches? Nope. Big Black Dick.

Cruise Vacation 128

I got the Big Black Dick rum cake and the Big Black Dick rum balls, but no actual big, black dick. 😦 Maybe next time.

Back on the ship with us. Our final stop is the island city of Cozumel, Mexico. Except we got off the cruise ship and immediately got on a smaller ferry boat and went to the mainland to visit the Mayan Ruins of Tulum via tour bus. On our march past the soldiers with M16s (YIKES!), I encounter this interesting sign.

Cruise Vacation 146

The weird thing was that it wasn’t near the beach, but rather in the middle of a courtyard in the downtown area. Not sure where the nudists were. I didn’t see any. After another hour on a tour bus, we come upon the ruins. It was an impressive ancient city. And it was hot as a mutha that day.

Cruise Vacation 177

It just so happens that these are the only Mayan ruins on the ocean. And let me tell you, if I had been an ancient Mayan, I’d have packed up my ancient version of the Uhaul and moved to this settlement. Look at this view!

Cruise Vacation 217

The tour guide mentioned that the Mayan calendar started on August 13th, which just so happens to be my birthday. I felt very special. So then we were back on the tour bus, then back on the ferry boat, and then back on the cruise ship. Didn’t get any margaritas. 😦 No time.

So we had one more day at sea and I was glad to be on solid ground again. I’m glad I went and I really, REALLY enjoyed the shore excursions. The big, floating hotel? Not so much. So all in all a great vacation, but I was glad to return home.

So I could start the Hot Ticket countdown and torture you all.

Have a great night!