11 Nights Until Hot Ticket

Hot Ticket Countdown 11

Another song for the playlist. From Jace to Aggie.

Cold Hard Bitch – Jet

Now, you’ll soon learn that Aggie isn’t the cold, hard bitch she pretends to be. Especially where Jace is concerned. But she has most of the guys in Sinners fooled. At least at first. Time for an excerpt!


“I won’t make you hold my hand in front of the guys, but when they’re not around, you’re holding it.” She poked him in the ribs. “Got it?”

[Jace] chuckled. God, she loved it when he laughed. She wanted him to laugh hard and often. She hoped she could give him that.

“Got it.” He wrapped his left arm around her shoulders and linked the fingers of his other hand with hers inside his sling. She turned her head to grin at him, and he surprised her by kissing her.

What started as an affectionate brush of his lips soon deepened into something that made her ache. She leaned on him for support, blaming the alcohol she’d consumed earlier for the sudden weakness in her legs.

“Isn’t that the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen, Jon?” Eric said from just inside the door. He took off his motorcycle helmet and set it down on the driver’s seat. “Little man has a girlfriend.”

“If by sweetest you mean the most nauseating, then I’d have to agree,” Jon, acting as Eric’s shadow, said.

Aggie extended an arm in their direction and gave them the finger.

“Did you see that, Eric? She propositioned us,” Jon said.

“All right!” Eric clapped his hands. “You bang her. I’ll watch.”

Jace eased away, his eyes drifting open slowly. “Did you hear something, Aggie? Sounded like a couple of pussies crying for something they’ll never have.”

“Or be able to handle.” She slapped Jace’s ass hard and then squeezed until his breath caught with excitement. “There’s a paddle in the bedroom with your name on it, sugar.”

“She scares the hell out of me,” Jon whispered.

“Me too,” Eric agreed.

“What do you have to be scared of? My favorite whip was stolen, you wimps.”

Jace squeezed Aggie’s shoulder consolingly. “Don’t worry, baby, we’ll get you a new one.”

Her eyes widened with eagerness. “With a thorn?”

Jace grinned. “Oh yeah. Definitely one with a thorn.”

They continued past Eric and Jon on their way out of the bus.

“And can I get a new crop? And a flail?”

“Anything you want, as long as you promise to break them all in on me.”

“Aww, can’t I hit them?” She nodded over her shoulder at Eric and Jon. “Just a little bit? I’ll clean off their blood when I’m finished. I wouldn’t want to spread their diseases.”

“I’ll think about it.” As soon as they exited the bus, Jace burst into laughter. “Did you see their faces?”

Not really. She’d been too busy looking at the smile on his.


Eleven more nights…

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