Hottie Hump Day 52-ish

So while I was distracting you with the Hot Ticket release countdown, I’ve been secretly plotting to make you salivate over the next Sole Regret book, Touch Me,  which is coming along swimmingly, thanks for asking.

Touch Me is about the bass guitarist Owen, but his best friend, Kellen, is also in the book. A LOT. The instant I saw this hottie, I almost fell out of my chair. It’s Kellen. Kellen Jamison.

Kellen 1If you’ve read Share Me, which is part of the A Very Naughty Xmas anthology, you know why he ties his hair back. Need a reminder? Here’s an excerpt:

from Share Me (A Very Naughty Xmas)

“I think you’ve outdone yourself this time, Kelly,” Owen said.

            They joined her on the bed. Owen at her head. Kellen down there. She lifted her head to look at Kelly. He was gazing down at her fully exposed pussy with hunger in his dark eyes. Oh God. She rubbed the knots against her nipples and tugged at her ass faster. She needed to come. Needed to come. Needed. Needed. Now. Oh. Could she come from this kind of stimulation? She was close. So close.

            “I’m going to kiss your mouth to try to keep you from getting too loud,” Owen said. “Okay?”

            She nodded. Do whatever you want to me, she thought. Anything. Just do something. Owen leaned over her head to take her lips upside down in a long, leisurely kiss. He pulled away gently and whispered, “Kelly’s going to make you come real soon. Don’t work so hard. Relax, honey.”

            She watched Kellen tie his long hair back with a leather tie. He stretched out on his belly between her wide open thighs, and then Owen blocked her view by kissing her again. Lord the man had a strong and sensual mouth. She wouldn’t mind him taking all that hot, achy flesh between her thighs in a kiss like this.

            Warm breath stole across her swollen pussy. She shuddered and called out against Owen’s persistent lips. He kissed her more deeply, his tongue teasing hers. His fingers began to trace patterns on the bare flesh of her upper arms between the braids of rope.

            A warm, soft tongue traced the empty opening between her thighs and she almost shot straight off the mattress.

            Owen trailed open-mouthed kisses along her jaw. “Easy,” he whispered. “He’ll take your edge off soon.”

Raise your hand if you want Kellen to tie his hair back for you. Some more pictures of Kellen for your viewing pleasure.

Kellen Jamisonand

Kellen 6


Kellen 5


Kellen 4


Kellen 3


Kellen 2So are you about ready for some more Sole Regret?

Have a great Hump Day!

Thanks to Holly for finding my Kellen. sigh…