Last Chance to Enter to Win a Kindle Fire HD and $50 Gift Card from Amazon

Trey has been a very naughty boy. Actually, his creator has been busy beyond belief, BUT Trey has finally updated the Sinners Ink website with all of the entries I’ve received so far in the Hot Ticket Pre-Order giveaway.

Check them out…

If you have not emailed me a picture of your temporary Sinners tattoo (or your REAL Sinners tattoo–you can enter with a real tattoo), you have until Sunday night (February 24th) to send it to me. If for some reason you sent me a picture and it is not posted on the Sinners Ink site, please let me know. I might have missed your message. All of the entries I have so far are now posted.

I will be choosing the winner on Monday. And because I’m feeling a little crazy, I mean, generous, this morning, I’m going to let you vote on your favorite entry as a runner-up.

The grand prize winner of the Kindle Fire HD and Gift Card will be selected at random. The entry that gets the most votes in the poll below will win a runner-up prize: their choice of an Autographed copy of Hot Ticket in paperback OR the digital version of Hot Ticket OR a $10 Gift Card from any retailer. So head over and check out the entries and then vote on your fave. Send your friends and family over to vote too. I’m going to hide the voting results until Monday to discourage insane competition. Not that I think any of you are insanely competitive. Also, if you’re getting your tattoo entry in late, you will be at a disadvantage in the voting, because I won’t add you to the poll until your picture is posted. And like I said, Trey is lazy, I mean, naughty.

If the same entry is chosen at random and receives the most votes, it is possible to win both prizes. In the event that this happens, the lucky winner is advised to buy a lottery ticket at their earliest convenience.

The polls are now open.

I reserve the right to award small consolation prizes to all the entrants who don’t win. Just sayin’…

Have fun! Trey did.

The original contest instructions are posted here: How to Enter. It is too late to get a pick and tattoo, but not too late to send in your picture.

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