Hot Ticket Online Book Signing is Live

Are you itching to get an autographed copy of an Olivia Cunning book? Here’s your chance.

Hot Ticket signed

I’m having an online book-signing for one week only. It ends March 11th or when all the books are sold out. And they are already going fast. Folks who are subscribed to my newsletter got one day advanced notice of the signing, and the books are half gone already. So if you are interested, don’t dawdle!

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Here’s how it works.

  1. Go to the site
  2. Purchase any books you would like me to autograph and mail to you. The only payment methods are Paypal and Google Checkout, but you can use your bank account or a credit card through either site.
  3. If you would like the books personalized to your name or someone else’s name, please send an email with the name for personalization to:

Note: There were a few instances during the last signing where someone wanted their books personalized and said that they gave instructions in the Paypal comment section, but there were no comments associated with their order, so their books were signed, but not personalized. So to be safe, if you want them personalized, please, send an email.

I realize that postage is very expensive, especially to foreign countries. The amount you are charged for postage is what the post office charges me. I don’t charge a handling fee. It’s just that books are heavy!

Every order will receive a set of four Sinners bookmarks.


And any order that includes Hot Ticket will receive a special Valentine’s Day surprise from Jace. I had originally planned to have this signing on Valentine’s Day, but the books were on back-order and I could not get enough delivered to run it. So consider it a belated Valentine’s message from Jace. He’s busy with touring, you know.

photo (81)Thanks!