Share Me – A One Night with Sole Regret Prequel Available Now (again!)

I’m sure many of you have already read the prequel to One Night with Sole Regret, Share Me. It was released in November as part of the A Very Naughty Xmas anthology. I have decided to release it as a stand alone novelette to get geared up for Owen’s book, Touch Me (which will be coming out in April). I figured some people probably missed it, since it’s buried in the back of a book that doesn’t look anything like a Sole Regret book. So tada! It has its own cover now. And you can now get it by itself.

SR 00 Share Me Cover

So if you haven’t read it already, Share Me is available now on Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes&Noble for only 99¢. Last, I checked iTunes was still processing it. Hopefully, it will be available there soon.




If you haven’t read it yet, I’ll warn you about this one. There is some very naughty stuff that goes down on the Sole Regret tour bus when they get trapped with two fangirls in a snowstorm. Do you think you can handle that? 😉 And remember this is a prequel, so you can’t get pissed off at the guys for cheating on their heroines. Their heroines aren’t in the picture yet.

I also recently redid the Sole Regret covers so that they all matched Touch Me. Here’s a peek at the new covers. I’m in the process of updating them on the ebooks. And I numbered them so folks new to the series won’t be confused.

SR 01 Try Me Cover

SR 02 Tempt Me Cover

SR 03 Take Me Cover

SR 04 Touch Me Cover

They’re matchers!

If you haven’t already discovered, Share Me, I hope you enjoy it. This sure is a good Friday! (ha ha, I’m so hilarious…)

My editor currently has Touch Me, so it should be out real soon too! Can’t wait. I’ll be busy this weekend packing. I’m moving to a house and saying good-bye to apartment living. I can’t concentrate on writing with noisy neighbors and a dog that barks incessantly at noisy neighbors. I’m hoping the ocean view and new office space inspire the muse to a whole new level of frenzied writing. Thanks for getting me out of this apartment by buying my books, readers. You rock!