Lull Me Into Your Insanity

Being without a decent rock radio station makes it a challenge to find new music and that’s one of the reasons why I haven’t been doing Music Mondays. The other is I spend so much less time on the internet now that I’m not at work. It’s amazing how much less boring my life is now that I don’t have anything to do. 🙂 And you know, Mondays don’t particularly suck these days. But I should think of those of you who have to suffer through Mondays and offer more tunes to help you through the suckage. How selfish of me.

I recently discovered that David Draiman (the lead singer of Disturbed) has released a new album with a new band called Device. The band is more industrial metal than Disturbed, but David’s vocal style is unmistakable. The first single is called Vilify. And yeah, I’m late to this party. I didn’t know this existed until about twenty minutes ago. Thank you Amazon gold box deal for alerting me to the album’s existence. It’s kind of scary how well Amazon “knows” you. *cue Twilight Zone theme*


So here we have Vilify by Device.

For reference, if you are not a Disturbed fan, here’s one of my favorite Disturbed songs. Do we see how David’s vocals stand out for both bands? He has one of the most unique voices in the industry. I do miss Dan Donegan’s kick-ass guitar solos. Maybe it’s because I’ve listened to Disturbed for years, but I think I prefer the music of Disturbed. I just love those edgy guitar riffs. *swoon*

So what do we think of David Draiman’s side project?

While perusing the new Device album, I discovered one of the songs features M. Shadows. You know I squeeeed when I saw that. No official video yet, but here’s Haze by Device (featuring Matt “squee” Shadows).

I demand an official video. One that features Shad’s bare ass like the video for “Seize the Day”. I think I’ll start a petition.

And now I need to watch that video. Horrible shit, like what happened today in Boston, really makes this song hit home. My heart goes out to everyone affected by the bombings.