Interviews with Sole Regret

The Tie Me blog tour is winding down, and I know not all of you follow me on Facebook and Twitter, so I thought maybe I should point out the character interviews with each of the guys if you’re interested in reading the answers to your questions. Just click on the character’s name below and it will take you to the blog post with their interview. Enjoy!

Gabe “Force” Banner

Adam Taylor

Jacob “Shade” Silverton

Owen “Tags” Mitchell

Kellen “Cuff” Jamison

Also, if you have not started this series yet, the first novella is currently FREE. That’s right, free. But it won’t be after tomorrow, so you’d better get your free copy while you have the chance. TRY ME free on Amazon. (Hint: It’s free on other sites too…)

I hope you had a great Monday!