Sinners Ink Contest Part Duex

Wicked Beat cover NewIn six weeks, Wicked Beat will finally be released. Yay!

Did you get your free Sinners temporary tattoo and guitar pick for pre-ordering? If not, there’s still time! Check this post for details.

You’ll need that tattoo to get on the Sinners’ Ink page and have your panties charmed off by one Trey Mills. Well, maybe he’ll just make inappropriate comments and spout sexual innuendos, but hey, it works for him. By sending me a picture of you sporting Sinners Ink, you’ll not only be included on the world-famous Sinners of Tour official webpage, but you’ll be entered to win a fabulous prize!

One lucky Sinners fan/groupie (we don’t judge) will win $150 Ticket Master gift certificate, so you can go see Sinners live in concert! Oh wait, I keep forgetting they’re only fictional. I mean, you can go see a live event of your choice! I suggest a metal concert or two. Heck, you could probably get a VIP pass with that amount of cash.

So how to enter:

1. Pre-order Wicked Beat and follow the instructions HERE on how to get your temporary tattoo.

2. Apply your tattoo somewhere on your body and take a picture.

3. Send your tattoo picture to: Please include: “Sinners Ink entry” in your subject line so I don’t miss it.

4. By submitting your picture, you are giving permission to post it on the Sinners Ink website and have Trey Mills comment on your photo. I reserve the right to refuse any photos that are inappropriate or overly explicit. Photos will be posted to the website as I find time between writing sessions and playing Candy Crush.

The winner for the Ticket Master gift card will be randomly drawn on August 6th (Wicked Beat’s official release date) and will be notified by email.

Note: The Ticket Master gift certificate is only good in the United States, so you must be a resident of the United States to win the gift certificate.

Another note: I tend to give small consolation prizes to all who enter (hint, hint), so even if you’re not in the U.S. you can send a picture of your temp tattoo just in case I decide to offer those consolation prizes again (wink, wink).

Another note: You can still enter even if you don’t have a temp tattoo, just Photoshop the Sinners logo on your picture. Here’s a copy of the logo. Feel free to snag it and stick it on your face. Or your arm. Or your boob. Whatever. REAL Sinners tattoos are also eligible. Good luck! Trey looks forward to all the entries.

Sinners logo white background