Hottie Hump Day 76

So while you guys are ogling these hotties, I’m stuck in a basement in Nebraska being tortured. Okay, that’s a bit melodramatic. I’m actually scraping walls and painting, hanging drywall and laying floor tiles. Yes, that’s supposed to make you feel sorry for me. My hands are so swollen from working on it yesterday that I can scarcely type. Not a good thing for a writer. If someone would buy my STUPID house that’s been on the market for a year, then I wouldn’t have to do this. I wouldn’t have to be here at all.

*whine, whimper, cry*

Enough complaining. On to the hotties!

HHD 76e HHD 76d HHD 76c HHD 76b HHD 76a


Hope everyone has a great day!

Back to the dungeon.