10 Nights Until Wicked Beat

Tonight Trey finally got around to posting the first entries in the Wicked Beat preorder contest. You know the one where you can win a $150 gift card to Ticket Master? So far there are only eight entries. Eight! Pretty good odds if you ask me. Plus, you get Trey Mills to act all sleazy for you. What could be better than that?

See the current entries here (Wicked Beat entries 1-3) and here (Wicked Beat entries 4-8) on the Sinners on Tour website.

Not sure how to get a tattoo. Read about it here: Wicked Beat Pre-Order Special Offer

Don’t have a tattoo or already got yours and are ready to submit to Trey, erm, I mean ready to submit your entry? Read the instructions here: Sinners Ink Contest Part Deux

Now, go forth and tattoo yourselves.

And revel in the fact that there are only 10 more nights until Eric is yours. You might see a bit more of Trey in Wicked Beat too. He’s always trying to steal the show.

Wicked Beat 10