6 Nights Until Wicked Beat

Six more nights!

I’m planning to have a huge Wicked Beat celebration giveaway, but all the stuff I ordered isn’t here yet. Bummer. 😦

No, it isn’t because I’m a procrastinator and waited until the last minute to order it.

Yeah, okay, I’m a total liar. It is because I’m a procrastinator and waited until the last minute to order it. Plus I’m used to Amazon Prime’s 2-day shipping and now when it takes over a week for things to arrive, I start to get all ticked off. So I planned to have a huge Sinners swag giveaway this week, but I guess it will have to be next week. That’s what I get for procrastinating. Sorry for the delay. I promise the giveaway will be awesome. When I get around to posting it.

Speaking of procrastinating, I’m getting absolutely no writing done, nothing on my to-do list done, basically NOTHING done. I spent yesterday at the vet with my dog (she sprained her shoulder jumping off the bed and has a skin infection), but I’ve been home all day today and all I’ve managed to do is yell at my laptop for crashing every time I open my manuscript to write. So perhaps it’s time for a new laptop. I’ve had to shut this one down SEVEN times today. *Hulk-smashes laptop* Or maybe the laptop senses that I’m in a cranky mood and knows any writing I do will suck eggs so why bother?

I’m not sure why I have absolutely no motivation this month. I blame my trip to Nebraska, during which I spent five days in a smelly basement accidentally freebasing on paint fumes. That trip completely messed up my entire schedule and I can’t seem to get back on track. Since I’ve been back, I’ve done nothing but mope around. So yeah, July was pretty much a bust. Here’s hoping August is more productive.

Maybe I’m going through a midlife crisis. I have a rather big birthday coming up mid-August and I’m not sure when I got so damned OLD. Ugh!

Or maybe it’s because I just read a really depressing book (The Fault In Our Stars) and I have a book hangover.

Whatever the problem is, I need to get over it.

And why am I lamenting on my Wicked Beat countdown blog? No clue.

I should probably go post some more Sinners Ink entries now.

Or maybe I’ll put it off until tomorrow. Or the next day.

I honestly don’t understand why I don’t feel like doing anything.


So let’s see, besides bitching all night about how lazy I’ve become lately, I guess I can add to Wicked Beat’s playlist. That’s fun! And I’m going really metal with one of these, because the drumming reminds me of how I hear Eric’s drumming. Two guesses on which of these songs represents Eric’s drumming.

Fly on the Wall by Thousand Foot Krutch

The Air that I Breathe by All That Remains

Maybe this ridiculous public gripe session will get me out of my funk. We can only hope…

Feel free to gripe with me. Misery loves company.

Tomorrow I will do a better job at being excited. Because tomorrow is the first day of August. New month. New attitude.

Wicked Beat 6