5 Nights Until Wicked Beat

Wow, time sure is flying!

A few things going on today around the interwebs pertaining to Wicked Beat.

First stop in my blog tour: Delphina Reads to Much

Win an ebook copy of Wicked Beat and vote for your favorite Sinner: Live, Love, Laugh and Read

You can vote for Wicked Beat for the best cover of the month at RT Reviews if it’s your fave:  RT Reviews

And more voting for Book of the Month on LASR: Wicked Beat Book of the Month

Jeez, I should start a campaign fund. I sure appreciate anyone who takes the time to vote.

Still waiting for stuff to arrive for my giveaway. *twiddles thumbs*

And now for two more songs for the playlist.

Not Falling by Mudvayne

All Around Me by Flyleaf

It’s been a busy day! So how much writing did I get done? None. I cleaned and organized and did a lot of walking in the 104 degree heat. My mood has improved over yesterday, so soon I’ll be able to put words down that don’t suck. I hope.

Only five more night until Eric is yours.

Wicked Beat 5