Hottie Hump Day 82

The anatomy of Olivia trying to come up with a theme this week.

“Oh, very nice. Let’s center the theme around this hottie.”

HHD 81a

So what should the theme be?

Maybe guys with a hot ass.

Googles “hot guy ass”.

AHHHH, my eyes. They burn! Some things can not be unseen.

Note to self: Never google “hot guy ass” again.

Um, so how about guys leaning forward?

HHD 81b

Not finding enough hotties leaning forward and I might have used that picture before, so let’s try guys with yummy V’s? Yes, let’s. Try them.

HHD 81c

Holy mother of hot nerds! Maybe I should focus on hotties with kissable lips?

HHD 81d

Focus? How am I supposed to focus after that?

I give up, let’s just look at that first guy some more.

HHD 81e


The pain and suffering I must endure to find suitable hotties…