Are You Ready for “The Takedown”?

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Music Monday post. But I had to post this week.

On Friday night, I went to Scout Bar outside Houston with a couple of friends to see Buckcherry. If you don’t know who Buckcherry is, please crawl out from under your rock and go watch “Crazy Bitch” on YouTube. I’ll wait…

Excuse my long digression. I feel a story coming on.

So we went to see Buckcherry, but there were several opening bands. The third one was called Girl on Fire. Ever heard of them? Yeah, me neither. But that’s okay. I can’t tell you how many bands I have fallen in love with because they opened for a band I went to see. Their debut album was released around a week ago. I will rave about it in a few.

So I’m standing in the pit, behind about four people directly in front of center stage, and the guitarist of Girl on Fire comes on stage to set up and I’m like “Holy shit! He looks like Dare Mills.” I consult my concert buddy, who has read the Sinners on Tour series, and I’m like, “Doesn’t he look like Dare Mills?” And she’s like, “I can see that. He’s a bit younger and thinner than I pictured Dare.” So we’re going with this guy looks like a young Dare Mills. So the band starts playing and the guitarist, unbeknownst to him, is inspiring “Dare Mills in concert” visions. Thanks you Girl on Fire guitarist for the “collar-bone length hair in face while playing” inspiration. So going in a book.

I’m still digressing.

Good live band. I’m enjoying the music. The bassist is an awesome showman. You know I love the musicians who know how to entertain a crowd… Loved him. He was fun. Anyway, the sound system in this place sucked and you could barely hear the singer. Drums and bass blaring. Guitars a bit quieter. Singer? Is there a singer? I can see him and his lips are moving, but can’t hear him. Not his fault by the way. He was belting the songs out. So excuse me while I bitch slap a sound technician. *smack* and whoever lack-of-designed the acoustics in the building *double smack* Buckcherry performed after Girl on Fire and you could barely hear their singer, Josh Todd, either.

I’m still digressing.

So after the show, we kind of check out the Green Room where you can buy merch but I’m tired and have a headache from the crappy sound in the bar and I’m bruised and my toe is crushed from being in the pit too long, so I decided to go home. On the way out the door… Dare Mills look-a-like-guitarist and awesome showman bassist from Girl on Fire (I should probably look up their names. Sorry guys…) are standing by the door selling their debut CD. Who is weak to cute musicians selling CDs? Raise your hand.

*raises hand*

So I buy a CD and ask if they’ll autograph it. They’re both very sweet and suggest we return to the Green Room so the whole band can sign it. Okay, if you insist. And I ask to get pictures. They’re very accommodating. They have no idea who I am, of course. πŸ™‚

So pictures were taken that are a bit blurry and I look almost as good as I felt in these pictures. Long night…

Girl on Fire pic


Girl on Fire pic 2

Consults their Facebook page so I can use their real names… Nick McMahan (guitarist) and Josh Mouser (bass).

Sweet. *fangirling commences*

So I end up with a signed CD. And on my hour-long drive home, I pop it in the CD player. And I. Am. Floored. In a good way. I did not expect that level of awesome andΒ I don’t remember a melodic voice like Chester Bennington’s singing at the performance I just left. (If you don’t know who Chester Bennington is, look up Linkin Park. Β If you’re still under your rock, I’ll wait… We on the same page now? Good.) I even looked at the CD to make sure I hadn’t put in a Linkin Park CD by mistake. Guys, the sound at the live show did your singer a HORRIBLE disservice. His voice is amazing. I’m so glad I bought the CD. The entire thing is fantastic. I’ve already listened to it several times.

So I guess I should share one of their songs.

Here is The Takedown by Girl on Fire.

Good, right? I wouldn’t steer you wrong. Go purchase now. You won’t regret it.