Quick Update on the Virtual Signing

Sinners Complete Set

Thanks to everyone who has placed an order in the Virtual Signing! I do hope you enjoy your autographed books. The signing is still going on until 9/14, but…

Wicked Beat sold out in less that two days, so apparently we underestimated the demand! There are still a few complete sets available (which include Wicked Beat), but not many. Because I want everyone to be able to complete their collection, I decided to order more copies of Wicked Beat for the signing. Unfortunately, the book is on back-order with the distributor. I have no idea when additional copies will arrive, but it will be after the signing is scheduled to end on September 14th.

So I guess I’ll have to make Sinners books available in the next Sole Regret signing (when the anthology Touch Me, Tie Me, Tell Me is released in paperback). If you didn’t get your copy of Wicked Beat before they sold out, there will be more available in the future. I can’t say when, because I don’t know.

The other books are still available, and if you want a complete set, I have about a dozen more of those.

Again, thanks for participating.

I’m getting ready to order Sole Regret swag for the signing. What kinds of Sole Regret swag would you like to see? Postcards? Guitar Picks? Temporary Tattoos? Bookmarks? Let me know. I’m open to new ideas.