Another Sinners’ Book in the Works?

Sort of.

Some of you might remember all the heartache I endured over the release of Myrna and Brian’s epilogue, Appetite for Seduction. Ultimately, it was never released. So I pretended those 20,000 words no longer existed and I waited… I can be patient sometimes.

I recently turned down a six-figure publishing contract to self-publish the Exodus End series. An added bonus of that OMG-WTF-am-I-thinking decision is that I can release that Backstage Pass epilogue. Finally! And since I have fulfilled my previous contract, I can publish whatever new titles I want, whenever I want.

So I got to thinking… ย Brian and Myrna aren’t the ONLY couple in the Sinners series who get married. Heck, if you go a couple of years into the future, they’ll all be married (or the equivalent). Why stop with the first couple? And so…

This is happening!

Sinners at the Altar

Sinners at the Altar Cover

This is NOT a full-length, stand alone novel. This is a compilation of six novellas, some that take place during the story arc of the Sinners on Tour series and some that take place after Double Time, the last book in the series. So you’ll get a few gaps filled in, plus get to see what the guys are up to in the future. Just how many kids can Sed and Jess have in three years? You do the math. ๐Ÿ™‚ Or if you suck at math, read November Pain and Choose Your Illusion.

So here’s what will be included and where the stories take place in the scheme of things.


1. Appetite for Seduction
Running parallel with the events of Rock Hard, Appetite for Seduction, shows the story of Brian Sinclair and Myrna Evanโ€™s wedding day in Las Vegas from their point of view. Their wedding night festivities are interrupted by Treyโ€™s little accident.

2. Sweet Love of Mine

Directly following the book Wicked Beat, Sweet Love of Mine, is the courthouse wedding of Eric Sticks and Rebekah Blake followed by their wedding night. Aww, isn’t Eric sweet?

3. Patience
After months of planning, Sed and Jessicaโ€™s big day almost ends in disaster. Can the rest of the band save the day, before Jessica becomes a bridezilla? Patience is set several months after Double Time.

4. November Pain
Jace and Aggie decide to tie the knot. Is anything they do conventional? Yeah, probably not. This one takes place near the end of the Exodus End series–a year after Double Time. But I PROMISE not to include Exodus End spoilers.

5. Choose Your Illusion
This is Reagan and Trey’s epilogue. It occurs well after the Exodus End series is completely finished, so more than two years after Double Time. It’s going to be really tough not to include Exodus End spoilers in this one, but I can do it. Right? *deep breath*

I’m not sure how long this sucker will end up being. I’m guessing pretty long. One bad thing about self-publishing is that bookstores don’t readily stock self-published paperback books, so I hope you’re not against purchasing books online. You’re probably not going to walk into Barnes and Noble and see it on the shelf.

The ebook version of Sinners at the Altar will include some bonus features. 1. Deleted scenes. Remember what a pansy Myrna’s exhusband, Jeremy, turned out to be? Yeah, well in my original version of the book, he was a complete psycho. I’ve always wanted people to read that scene as I originally wrote it, so *bam!* bonus feature in the SatA ebook. 2. Aggie’s mom is a loser ditz? Not so much in the original. Find out why Jace got shot in the original version of Hot Ticket. If you’re so inclined. If not, no skin off my teeth. I’ll also include the Sinners Short stories that are currently FREE on Sinners Excerpts blog, and am thinking of adding a new one about Eric’s second Thanksgiving with the Blake’s. Isaac’s not invited. ๐Ÿ˜‰

So I think that covers everything except the release date. Keep your fingers crossed for late October. No guarantees. I’m still working on it. But that’s my goal. I will keep you posted. And if you want to track my progress, you can watch my word count meters below. Those little dudes are like crack to me. I love updating the word counts.

I hope you’re as excited about this project as I am. More time with Sinners. Woot!

Next on my agenda after SatA: Releasing the first Exodus End book, Insider. It’s going to be a BUSY, BUSY autumn for me. I might not be online much.

(and maybe you noticed that the novella titles are in tribute to one of my favorite bands of the late eighties/early nineties… Yeah, it’s kind of dumb, but you’ll live.)