Music Monday, and Fan-Tastic Fridays Giveaway Winners

Monday already? And a rainy one to boot.

Speaking of boots. I mentioned on Friday that I was going to see Avenged Sevenfold in concert and I bought a new pair of boots to wear to the show. Usually, I’m more for comfortable feet than style, but I fell in love with these boots, so had to buy them to wear to the concert.


So after walking fifteen miles in the things (okay, that’s a slight exaggeration, but my feet claim that was at least fifteen miles), we arrive at our seats and I discover that the stadium floor is sloped, not tiered as I expected. Ever stood on a slope in heels? All of your weight shifts to your toes. There is no way to shift your weight to your heels. So standing in those boots on a slope was not an option. And sitting during an Avenged Sevenfold concert? Obviously not an option. So I took the boots off and stood in my socked feet.

So I’m loving the concert (no surprise there). Sorry this picture is all blurry. We were pretty far up in the stands.


And outside it’s raining like crazy. Downpour for an hour straight. I’m so glad we weren’t on the lawn (which is completely open to the sky) and were in the covered part of the pavilion. Those folks on the lawn were drenched and had to be cold. I felt bad for them.

Anyway, about thirty minutes into A7X’s set, my foot gets cold all of a sudden. I look down and there is water pouring down the floor like a river. Not just a little water. It’s about half an inch deep and flowing nonstop. It was flooding OVER the retaining wall between the covered part of stadium and the lawn. That’s how much water there was on that lawn. So my socks got a bit wet. Actually, they were drenched. After the show, instead of putting my boots back on, I walked all the way back to the car in my socks. Which was surprisingly less painful than walking in those boots. 🙂 And only one mile instead of fifteen according to my wet feet.

The concert was spectacular as usual. Well worth the wet feet.

So now I’ll share a few Avenged Sevenfold songs to make our Monday more tolerable.

Song they played YAY!

Song they didn’t play, but I wish they had.


Song they played YAY!

And now for the winners of last week’s Fantastic Friday! I chose these randomly this week.

Winner of the autographed Backstage Pass paperback: Lori A Meyers

Winner of the autographed Backstage Pass audiobook: Anita

Winner of the Sinners Key Chain: Aretha Harvey

5 Winners of Autographed Backstage Pass Postcard: Michelle, Stephanie, mrsandeezy, Milot Bermundo, Kathryn Sikora

I’ll be contacting you via email for your mailing address. And if you didn’t win this week, come back this Friday for another chance to win! Have a great week.