Fan-Tastic Fridays #5

Yay! It’s Friday. I thought yesterday was Saturday for some reason, but apparently it wasn’t…

At last week’s Houston Book Rave, I had a great time forcing fans of my books to pick their favorite band member in either Sinners or Sole Regret (or both). Some readers didn’t even have to think about it and blurted out a favorite character before I even finished asking the question. Others thought more carefully and settled on a favorite after some reflection. A few refused to pick just one. So why was I so cruel as to force these uncommitted readers to pick a favorite?

Because I was initiating them as official groupies. This entailed me adhering a groupie sticker to their chest. Wear your band member with pride!

So today I’m giving away one of each sticker. They’re about the size of the palm of an average hand. It’s hard to tell size in the pictures.

photo 2 (3) photo 1 (3)

How do you win? You just have to tell me who your favorite band member is by commenting below with “I’m __band member’s name___ groupie!” You can be more creative than that (and the guys might just pick their favorite comment about themselves to be the winner), but you have to comment about just one band member. If you can’t commit to one, you can enter to win more than one sticker, but you’ll have to leave a separate comment for each band member you adore. The chances of you winning will vary depending on how many entrants claim to be a certain character’s groupie. So if you are the only one claiming to be Brian Sinclair’s groupie, you automatically win his sticker–good odds! If one hundred entrants all profess their love to Brian, you have a 1:100 chance of winning. I will only give away one of each sticker this go around. So there will be ten winners this week.

As always, Fan-Tastic Fridays are open to international fans. So don’t be shy! Winners will be announced on Monday!

Have a great weekend!