Hottie Hump Day 94

It’s Hump Day! And it’s cold. Yesterday, I was sitting on my deck in shorts and barefoot. Today, its long pants and sweaters! Or maybe we can turn up the heat with some hotties.

This hottie was so hot he needed a cold shower. He was also so hot that I had to crop the image just a bit.

HHD 94a

This hottie is so hot, he doesn’t wear anything under his kilt. Obviously.

HHD 94b

What is this hottie doing to that poor innocent chair? *pretends to be a chair*HHD 94cPerhaps a hottie that’s a little bit country and a little bit rock ‘n’ roll will bring in a warm front.

HHD 94d

Or maybe a bit of physical activity is in order.

HHD 94eRight. I’m plenty warm now. Thanks!

Have a happy hump day! Stay warm.