Hottie Hump Day 103

I’ll be honest. I haven’t watched football for years. But I did have the Super Bowl on to watch some of the commercials. Gotta say, I wasn’t overly impressed. There were several good ones this year, but one in particular caught my attention.

You know what’s coming, right? (Don’t say “me”. That would be crass…)

The man is delicious.

More evidence of his tastiness:

He looks good having a cuppa.

HHD 103b

He looks good in his underwear.

HHD 103d

He looks good in a suit.

HHD 103e

He even looks good doing whatever he’s about to do to that ball.

HHD 103f

And of course he looks great in the bath.

HHD 103cHopefully this convinces you that David Beckham is an all-around hottie.

Best Super Bowl commercial ever!

Have a great hump day.