Excerpt 1: Sinners at the Altar

I’m editing and thought you could use a little Sinners tease. Because if I have to read this scene one more time…

From Appetite for Seduction (included in Sinners at the Altar):

Myrna grabbed two fistfuls of his hair and kissed him, hard. “You make me so fucking hot, Master Sinclair,” she said, staring up into his intense brown eyes. She knew he didn’t like her to call him by his stage name, but she absolutely wanted to live the fantasy with her rock star husband before she lived another fantasy with the amazing man beneath the stage persona. “Can I do something for you, my personal sex god? Anything. I’m your number one fan, you know.”

Brian chuckled and wrapped both arms around her. “Don’t call me Master Sinclair; that’s what you can do for me.”

He hadn’t seemed to mind the title when he’d been pounding her hard and pulling her hair backstage.

“Is that all I can do for you?” Myrna circled his body to stand behind him. Sliding her hands over his lower belly, her pinkies dipped into the waistband of the jeans riding low on his narrow hips. “Because I really want to please you, Master Sinclair.”

She forced one hand deeper into his pants and carefully rearranged his cock so it was pointing up towards his belly. The head of his half-hard dick peeked out just above the waistband of his low slung jeans. As she stroked it with her thumb, it rose to attention, revealing itself an inch at a time as it grew harder and harder. His head dropped back to rest against hers.

“I want to suck your balls while you jack off,” she whispered into his ear. “I brought your butt plug and a cock ring in the suitcase.”

“A vibrating one?”

“Yeah. I want to ride you hard. Come over and over again, until my juices drip down your sac.”

“Oh God, Myrna. I love it when you talk dirty to me in elevators…

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