Excerpt 3: Sinners at the Altar

So I’m still editing this incredibly lengthy book. It’s taking me forever… I’m working on Sed’s wedding story, Patience, and I got a kick out of this scene, so I thought I’d share another excerpt, because, well, why not?

From Sinners at the Altar, Patience.

Sed kicked the door shut and set her on her feet, sending her spinning in a dizzying twirl so he could unzip her dress and let it drop to the floor.
“I still have sand everywhere,” Jessica said.
He made an unintelligible sound in the back of his throat. Apart from her partially loosened white corset and the kitten heels she’d rescued from the beach, she was naked. She glanced over her shoulder to find him staring at the lacings down her back and the cheeks of her ass, as if he was seeing her in a state of undress for the first time.
“Do you like?” she asked, doing the slow seductive stripper walk she’d perfected for the runway as she headed for the stairs and a much needed shower.
“Mercy, baby,” he growled. “Show me the front.”
She climbed the first step, pretending to ignore him as she threaded her fingers through her long tangled hair. She doubted she was doing a very good job of seducing him in her current state of disrepair.
“Jessica,” he said, his voice harsh and raw.
She turned on the stairs to look down at him, her full breasts on display above the corset. Her nipples were as hard as diamonds. Surely he must be able to tell how turned on she was by his attention.
“Yes, Sed?” she asked, tilting her head coquettishly, knowing it made his motor run.
“I can’t decide if you look better coming or going,” he said.
“I assure you I look better coming,” she said, grinning. “Wanna help me with that?”
She continued up the stairs slowly. Taking her time to tease. To lure. He stumbled up the stairs after her, catching her on the top landing with both hands on her chest and his cock planted firmly against her ass. God, how her breasts ached as he massaged her nipples. If sex was always this good while pregnant, she’d gladly carry all eight of the kids Sed claimed to want. She rubbed her ass against him, needing him hard, needing him to fill her.
“We’ll have to multitask,” he said, using her boobs like steering wheels and her ass like an accelerator to propel her toward the bathroom. “It’s important that we aren’t late for our evening rendezvous.”
“Which would be…”
“A secret.”
She sighed. “Of course.”

Sinners at the Altar Cover final

Nine days until it releases on March 11 and I stop teasing you mercilessly. I know you like it. 😉

And as soon as I’m done editing this beast, I’ll be able to put it up for preorder on the rest of the sites. It’s already available for preorder on Amazon.


See you next time. With an excerpt from Jace and Aggie’s November Rain.