Winners of the Release Day Giveaway!

Winners were chosen at random by rafflecopter.

SatA Prize 1The ten lucky winners of a signed copy of Sinners at the Altar + Wristband are:

  1. Tina Landry
  2. Chrystal Engle
  3. Holly Craft
  4. Stephanie Rodriguez
  5. Sofia Grey
  6. Lyka Tan
  7. Toria Werner
  8. Jacqueline Marie
  9. Tammy Ely
  10. Andria R.

SatA Prize 2The twenty winners of a Sinners Wristband are:

  1. Dusty Dean
  2. Bella Bookaholic
  3. Elle Huynh
  4. Heather Peiffer
  5. Toria Werner
  6. Krysten Michelsen
  7. Tara Hicks
  8. Dawn Barnhardt Hovis
  9. Suzy Dano
  10. Dawn Cooper Gorwell
  11. Jenny Fleet
  12. Cecily Bonney
  13.  Leanna wolf
  14. Tamara Williams Van Horn
  15. Carrie Sackett Riddick
  16. .Ambur.
  17. Heidi Kohl
  18. Barrie Mac
  19. Kassie Alt
  20. Rachael Duncan

I have sent emails to the winners. Please follow the instructions on how to claim your prize. Congratulations!

And now for a little story about the most unusual wedding I ever attended. It was a costume wedding on Halloween in 1992. Everyone was asked to wear costumes, including the guests. It was held in a reception hall. So the wedding processional begins to play–it’s some eerie music, I can’t remember what exactly. The lights fall. A smoke machine starts kicking out fog. Strobe lights start flashing. And we turn our astonished heads to see the grooms men come down the aisle all dressed as undead and they’re carrying a wooden coffin. They sit the coffin feet down near the altar and open it to reveal the groom who emerges from the coffin dressed as Dracula. Then the undead bridesmaids come down the aisle all decked out in pale makeup and blood; they’re carrying black roses and walking in a shuffle. Then the here comes the bride dressed as bride of Dracula. It was kind of fun, but mostly weird. I mean, who wants to be carried down the aisle in a coffin? Not a good omen. LOL! But I will never forget that wedding.

Thanks for entering the contest and I do hope you enjoy the Sinners’ weddings. Even though some are a bit more unusual than others. 😉