Hottie Hump Day 109

I’m dedicating this glorious hump day to an important discussion on hair.

Personally, I find a bald man incredibly sexy.

HHD 109d

But I also like guys with gorgeous long hair.

HHD 109b

And then there are guys with short hair. I also like those.

HHD 109e

And guys in cowboy hats.

HHD 109c

By now, you’ve probably figured out that I’m using this “important” discussion on hair to ogle hotties…

Because you can’t really see this next one’s hair. But you can see something that makes you want to get under his clothes. 🙂

HHD 109aThere is just something about a guy in a suit who shows a little of his tats.

Uh, what was I talking about? Right. Hair…

So what do we think: no hair, short hair, long hair? Do you have a preference?

Have a happy hump day!