Hottie Hump Day 110

It’s been awhile, hasn’t it?

You may be aware that I moved from Texas back to my hometown in Illinois this year. Some might be under the impression that I moved because I was homesick or because my Mom ended up in the hospital this winter and it scared the bejeezus out of me. Or because Texas is fuck-hot. All. Year. Long. While there’s truth to all of those reasons, the main reason I moved is because I didn’t see one hot cowboy the entire two years I lived there. Not. One.

Not this one.

HHD 110a

Nor this one.

HHD 110b

Nor this one.

HHD 110c

Nope, not even this one.

HHD 110d

Now I’m not saying that Texas doesn’t have ANY hot cowboys, but they definitely aren’t flooding the streets. (Maybe I should have looked on a ranch…)

On the other hand, I visited Scotland for only FOUR DAYS (way less than TWO YEARS) and I saw plenty of men in kilts. And one particularly hot one.


Scotland. You’re winning!

As for Illinois… Nope, not teaming with an abundance of hotties either.

Scotland. Still winning!