Music Monday – 1000hp

Godsmack finally released a new album and the first single, 1000hp, rocks. Not that I’m surprised. Sully Erna has one of THE most amazing voices in the hard rock/heavy metal genre. It always takes me to my happy place.

So get your Godsmack on, turn that shit up louder, and have a great Monday!


Last week, I reported that I had one chapter in the middle of Tease Me that wasn’t cooperating. Well, I have good news! I finished that chapter. Woo hoo! And then realized I needed another chapter in the middle. So the book is still not quite finished, but it’s getting there. And I’m having a great time with it. Hope you do as well. Very soon. Do you see that Tease Me word count meter over there >>> or if you’re on a smart phone, it’s probably down there vvv? Anyway, those numbers are climbing and fast. I think I finally have my writing groove back after a summer full of writer’s block frustration. I hope I never have to go through that again. *head desk*