Music Monday – What If I Was Nothing

I finished the first draft of Tease Me yesterday, so it won’t be long now. There’s still rewriting and editing to do, but for me, that’s way easier than writing the first draft.


But even with that bit of good news to report, it’s still Monday, so we need tunes to wake us up. Here’s All That Remains with their new-ish song “What if I Was Nothing.”


Great song, but I think I need something a bit “perkier” on a Monday morning. So when I was driving home to my empty nest last month–my son is going to Texas A&M now–I passed through Dallas and landed on an unfamiliar rock station. Even though I hadn’t heard ANY of the songs, I enjoyed it. Turned out to be a Christian Rock station, but I discovered this fun song! And come to find out that this band broke up in 2011. Darn! Oh well, it’s still a fun song for a Monday morning. This is Revive with “Almost Missed This Moment”. I hope you enjoy it. 🙂


Have a great week!

All That Remains