Music Monday – I Am Machine

Good morning! It’s Monday. Are you ready to rock!? <– I’ve always wanted to say that

Three Days Grace has a new song out. I heard it on the radio and could not place the artist, so when I found out it was Three Days Grace, I was stunned. They have a very distinctive sound that I immediately recognize even if I’ve never heard the song before. So what’s up with that?

If you follow the band, you probably know that their lead singer, Adam Gontier, left rather unexpectedly early last year. I was crushed by the news. Three Days Grace is one of those bands that never disappoints me. I love every single they release. They are PHENOMENAL in concert. And, for me, Adam Gontier’s voice makes the band. So that is why I couldn’t place the artist of the new song, I Am Machine. It isn’t Adam singing. It’s Matt Walst (lead singer of My Darkest Days–and can I say I LOVE his voice when he sings with My Darkest Days, but with Three Days Grace? Meh…). Is I Am Machine a good song? Yep! Is it Three Days Grace good? Not to me. I have this tendency to link a particular singer’s voice to a band and I can’t get past that. When David Lee Roth left Van Halen, it wasn’t Van Halen to me anymore. Did I still like Van Halen? Yeah, but it just wasn’t the same. I am glad the rest of the band stayed together and I understand why they’d keep their band’s original name. So that their fans will follow them. And the music is similar, but it feels off. I can’t get past it.

wails “I miss you Adam!!”

So let’s see what you all think. Changing a band’s lead singer might not be a big deal to you. You might even prefer their new sound.

Three Days Grace – I Am Machine (with new singer Matt Walst)

And now for “old school” Three Days Grace – Animal I Have Become (with original singer Adam Gontier)

No comparison, in my opinion. There’s a grittiness to Adam’s voice that hits me right here. (You can imagine where. *grin*)

And here is Matt Walst in My Darkest Days singing Porn Star Dancing. Love him as the front man of this band. His voice is smoother. Sensual rather than gritty. Does that make sense? Hits me in a different place. (Haha!)

Matt has some mighty big shoes to fill for this Three Days Grace fangirl. Sorry, Matt.

So what do you think of “I Am Machine”. Yea or nay?

Anyone else trying to imagine what it would sound like with Adam singing it? Just me. Okay.

ThreeDaysGraceHave a great week!