Pre-Order Tease Me on iTunes

Okay, last one for now. Tease Me is now available for pre-order on iTunes. Not sure if this link will work. When you click on it, it should take you to the main Tease Me page that has a link that says “View in iTunes” and after you click that, it has the preorder available. I think! Anyway, you can preorder on iTunes. 🙂

itunes preorder

I hope it works!

I’m MacIntosh-challenged. I’m sure you can figure it out better than I can.

SR 07 Tease Me Cover

Barnes and Noble doesn’t allow me to do pre-orders, so Nook users will have to wait until release day to order. It will be available October 21st on Barnes and Noble (and the other sites), but there will be no Nook pre-order. Sorry about that! I wish there were, then I can just celebrate on the 21st instead of stressing out over book availability. 😦 …