Tease Me Tease

Only five more days until Tease Me releases!

And I realized I haven’t teased you with a teaser yet. My bad!


From Tease Me, Chapter Six

“If you come tonight, I’m not taking you to the sex club tomorrow,” Adam said.

“What?” Madison’s voice was breathy with excitement, and the sound of it took hold of his balls and tugged.

He lowered his head and lapped at her drenched pussy. “No coming,” he said, turning his attention back to her clit.

“Oh God,” she moaned, her hips rocking in time with the motion of his tongue. “I have to.”

“Not if you want to see what I have in store for you tomorrow.”

“That doesn’t make sense,” she complained.

He chuckled. “It does to me.” He knew what a challenge it could be to push her out of her comfort zone. She would have to be at her tipping point before they arrived at the club the next night, or she’d never agree to what he proposed.

“Put your pants on,” he said, rising to his feet and backing toward the door, because he knew if he stayed to help her, his so-called willpower would last about twenty seconds and then his own pants would be on the floor.

“And if I refuse?” she asked, exasperation strong in her voice.

“I’ll go to the hotel without you and text you pictures of me jacking off.”

He turned on the ceiling light, and his breath caught at the sight of her looking all disheveled and aroused in her cutsie plaid shirt and nothing else.

“You wouldn’t!”

“Are you sure about that?” ’Cause he was about to start jacking off any moment. Lord, the things he put himself through to take this woman on creative sexual adventures and offer her new heights of excitement.

While staring at him, she slid one hand down her belly and used two fingers to part her folds. “You shouldn’t turn me on if you don’t plan to get me off.”

“I do plan to get you off,” he assured her and leaned over to gently tug her hand from her pussy. He drew it over her head and pinned it to the mattress before kissing her deep and long. His hips seemed to have a mind of their own as they gyrated, rubbing the aching length of his erection against her. Even through his clothes, he could feel her heat beckoning him, promising him nirvana.

He tugged his mouth from hers slowly and stepped away before he lost complete control.

“Get dressed,” he said, his voice gruff.

She nibbled on the tip of a finger, watching him closely. He was as turned on as she was, and she damned well knew it. “I think I need a spanking first,” she said. “I’m having all sorts of naughty thoughts.”

“You aren’t the only one.”


Aw, Adam that’s just cruel. Don’t be such a tease. 🙂

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