Pre-Order Take Me to Paradise on Amazon

If you receive my newsletter (and actually read it–hahaha!), you hopefully noticed this gorgeous cover and the promise of a new release in November.

Take Me to Paradise Cover v1c small

If you look closely it says “Sinners on Tour Encore” up at the top. What’s that all about? Sinners at the Altar (the wedding anthology) is also a Sinners on Tour Encore. Is this the honeymoon anthology!?

Well, partially.

This is Brian and Myrna’s honeymoon story–a never before released novella–and it’s being released on November 25th. Woohoo! That was fast. Didn’t I just release Tease Me a couple of weeks ago?

I sure did.

A certain author has apparently found her mojo again. Or maybe life slowed down from WARP SPEED to normal. Whatever the reason, this certain author hopes to release all those books she’s been promising in a much more timely fashion.

Starting with Take Me to Paradise.

Which is currently available for preorder on Amazon.

preorder amazon

The novella will be available for preorder on iBooks and Kobo in a few days. And Nook/B&N doesn’t let me do prorders, but it will be available for Nook on release day–November 25th.

A lot of people on Facebook have asked about Take Me to Paradise in paperback and audiobook. This is the first of five novellas in the Sinners in Paradise collection. I will be releasing each novella separately as I finish them in ebook only. Once all five novellas have been released, I will combine them into one giant volume called Sinners in Paradise and release that in paperback and audiobook. So it will be a while before you can get them in paperback and audiobook. Because you know we have to wait for Trey’s honeymoon until after I release Outsider in the Exodus End series. Right? Right. And yes, Exodus End is what I’m concentrating on next, with a little bit of Jacob from Sole Regret in my “spare time” and of course I need to write more Sinners’ honeymoon novellas in the interim. So let’s hope my writing mojo stays kicked into high gear for the next year or two. I’m exhausted just thinking about it. <–another reason why my mojo went out the window. I was completely overwhelmed by all I need to accomplish. Is it better to finish one series or to try to juggle three of them? I wasn’t sure how to tackle the ginormous task before me.

One book at a time, Olivia. One book at a time.

So I hope you enjoy this one book–Take Me to Paradise–while I work on the next one.

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