Insider Playlist (part 1) – Theme Song

So many things got in the way of me finishing Insider. It took me over two years to craft the story. Two years! It never takes me that long to write a book, even if the book is extra long. I’m not a particularly fast writer, but sheesh, Book, what’s your problem? Stop hiding and get out of my brain!

If I was a believer in destiny, I’d say my writing process took that long this time because Insider wanted me to wait until the perfect song was released to be it’s theme song. So I finally write The End and along comes “Stars” by Sixx A.M. The first time I heard this song, I nearly ran off the road. I’d been trying to find a theme song for Insider for a while and I heard “Stars” the day after I finished writing the first draft. I can’t stop smiling everytime I hear this song. It’s so perfect for Insider; it’s as if it were written for the book. So thank you Sixx A.M! Nailed it!

The double meaning I hear behind the lyrics. The upbeat tone of the song. My favorite bassist is in the band and Insider is about Exodus End’s bassist. Coincidence? I think not. It’s destiny. *wink*

So without further gushing, I present Insider‘s theme song. “Stars” by Sixx A.M.

And let’s watch it again with lyrics, so you can sing along with me. I mean… sing along with James Michael. He put the “M” in Sixx A.M.

Have a happy Monday!

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