Insider Playlist (Part 2) – Logan’s and Toni’s Theme Songs

It’s Monday again. And I’m still revising Insider. I have the final three chapters left to revise, so after toiling all last week, I’m hoping to finish the revisions today. Today. And then maybe I can catch up on my gardening and yard work.

Remember when I said this book was 450 pages long? Well, after revisions, it’s closer to 550. *cringe* I could have easily split it into two books and left you at a cliff hanger and made you wait a couple of months for the second half, but nope, you’re getting the entire shebang in one giant volume. You’re welcome? For those of you who read paperbacks, you might want to move this thing around with a fork lift.

Oh. I almost forgot the reason I’m here. Theme songs.

Picking character theme songs is usually a challenge for me. I choose them carefully. I want the song to represent my character and his/her place in the world I’ve created. It also has to have the right “energy”. I put a lot of thought into it.

I say it’s usually a challenge, because in the case of Logan, I didn’t even have to think about it. This song fits Logan perfectly. Bam! Done.

Logan’s theme song – Adrenaline by Shinedown

Now, Toni was another matter entirely. She’s not my typical heroine (which, by the way, scares the shit out of me!). She’s young and inexperienced, sheltered and naive, has just discovered her dreams and is attempting to pursue them. So I shoved her onto a bus with 5 rock stars for a month. Do you have any idea how much fun I had with that? You will on June 30th!

So I’d been searching for a song to use for Toni for a while. There aren’t many hard rock/metal songs that fit her situation or her character or her energy. And this song comes on Octane and I love it, but I don’t really pay attention to the lyrics. Until my son is in the car with me listening to it and he asks “Bent to fly? What the hell does that mean?”. So of course, I listened to the lyrics closely and it clicked. Oh, the guy in the song hasn’t quite flew the roost entirely and is looking for his wings, so at the moment he’s crouched down ready to take flight. He’s bent to fly. Getting ready to take his leap into the wide world and follow his dreams.

You know…

That sounds like Toni.


My son thinks I’m insane as I squeal excitedly, grab my phone, and take a picture of my sattelite radio display so I don’t forget the song by the time I start posting the playlist. (I was at a stop light. Don’t yell at me for using my phone in the car!)

So we have Toni’s perfect theme song. And it’s Slash! I love Slash.

Toni’s theme song – Bent to Fly by Slash featuring Miles Kennedy

Okay, back to my revisions. Beta readers are dying for the rest of this book. 😉

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