15 Days Until Insider

Day 15Insider releases in only two weeks! Where does the time go?

It’s time to start counting down to the release day! I’ll be sharing playlists, hotties, and excerpts, and giving away prizes, so visit the blog each day as I countdown to the release of Insider.

I’ve been working on the playlist, and let me tell you, that Dare Mills is a hard guy to pin down into a single song, but I finally found it! And it’s not going to make much sense until you read the book, but this songs hits on something in his past. You’ll have to wait to find out what it is. I’m tightlipped over here.

Exodus End Lead Guitarist – Dare Mills’ theme: Torn to Pieces by Pop Evil

Max Richardson was a little easier. As the frontman, he’s as ambitious as he is mysterious. He’s at the top of his game and he plans to stay there. No matter what.

Exodus End Vocalist – Max Richardson’s theme: Coming for the Throne by Otherwise

Drummer Steve Aimes has a different take on fame. I don’t want to give away the main plot arc for entire series, so I’ll just leave this here and let you wonder.

Exodus End Drummer – Steve Aimes’ theme: Tired by Stone Sour

If you read Double Time, you’ve already gotten to know Reagan Elliot. Things are a bit rocky for her at the moment. And this song captures her attitude perfectly. And the energy of the song is spot on too.

Exodus End Rhythm Guitarist – Reagan Elliot’s theme: Drop Dead Cynical by Amaranthe

And I already shared my Logan’s theme song. Yes, MY Logan. Paws off, ladies. God, I love the guy. But I’ll share his song again in case you forgot.

Exodus End Bass Guitarist – Logan Schmidt’s theme: Adrenaline by Shinedown

The playlist is coming together. I’ll share more of it next Monday. I hope you have a great week!

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I’m getting so excited!!