Hottie Hump Day with 13 Days until Insider

It’s hump day! And 13 days from release day.

It was a challenge to find someone who looks like Logan. The closest I can find is model Moritz Sacid. The problem with models is they almost never smile and Logan has a fantastic smile. So I suppose we’ll just have to stare into his blue eyes and picture him smiling.

Logan tilt

Dude, life is not that depressing. Maybe if you were naked, you’d be happier.

Logan bite

Don’t tease.

Logan shirt

Still not smiling. Maybe if he was more naked.

Logan jeans

Nope. I can’t find a picture of this guy smiling.

Or naked. Not that I tried. *cough*

We’ll also need to picture him a bit bulkier. Logan–and all the guys from Exodus End–workout. Wait until you meet their personal trainer, Kirk. He’s a riot!

We also need to apply some tattoos. Logan has a samurai tattooed on his chest and upper arm. Do you think I can find anything close to what I was picturing? Not on anyone’s chest, but I did find something close tattooed on this guy’s back.

Logan's tattoo

But the samurai needs a sword. How can you have a samurai without a katana?

Anyway, I guess you’ll just have to use your imagination when you read about Logan. Heroes are always hotter in my head than any real man I can find.

Well, most of the time…

HottieHave a happy hump day!

Day 13