12 Days until Insider with an Excerpt

Day 12

I know some of you don’t want to read any excerpts before you can read the entire book, but I made sure this one doesn’t include any major spoilers. I just hope you can follow it with so many characters interacting. This is taken from a radio station interview. As you can tell, a certain bassist is a little distracted by a certain someone.

From Insider, Chapter 8:

In the radio station’s sound booth, Logan tried to pay attention to the interview, but his gaze kept falling on Toni, who was concentrating on recording the interview for her book and jotting notes. She obviously wasn’t nearly as distracted by him as he was by her. Didn’t seem fair.

An elbow to his ribs turned his attention to the host, who was gazing at him expectantly, waiting for an answer. “I’m sorry, what was the question?” Logan asked.

“Are you still participating in freestyle motocross?”

“When I have time,” he said. He almost left it at that, but saw that Toni now had her undivided attention on him and looked interested in what he had to say. “I’ve been jumping and racing bikes since my teen years,” he said. “I still love that adrenaline rush. If the music career hadn’t worked out, I’d probably have had the opportunity to go pro.”

“Much as I’d like to see you do tricks on a dirt bike, I’m not the only one glad the music career did work out,” the host said.

Logan chuckled. “Oh, I’m glad too, but a guy needs something to fall back on.”

“He’s always been the daredevil of the group,” Dare said. “Last time he won a bet, he made us all go skydiving. Not my idea of a good time.”

“You had fun,” Logan said. “Don’t lie.”

You had fun,” Dare insisted. “I dry humped the ground when the horror ended.”

“I thought skydiving was great,” Steve said.

“You don’t have a lick of sense either,” Dare said. “Logan jumps out of planes, Steve scales mountains.”

“What do you do with your free time?” the host asked.


“Dare likes the water,” Max said. “If he’s not on the beach, he’s in a pool or a hot tub.”

Logan watched Toni scribbling notes like a woman struck by sudden inspiration. She had a huge smile on her face. Logan wondered what was going on in that head of hers.

“Reagan, what do you do in your free time?”

Up until this point, no questions had been directed toward her. She hesitated, probably under the assumption that she wasn’t going to have to participate in the interview. “Uh. My boyfriend?” she blurted.

The guys laughed and she grinned.

“There’s a rumor going around that you’re dating one of the guitarists of Sinners, Trey Mills.”

Reagan chuckled warily. “Ha, yeah, rumors,” she said noncommittally.

When it was obvious that he wasn’t going to get a more concrete answer from Reagan, the host asked, “And what does Max like to do?”

Steve pounded Max on the back. “You’d have to censor his reply.” All the members of the band shared a knowing chuckle, except Max, who glowered at Steve.

Toni stopped writing to stare at Max with her head tilted to one side. Logan waved at her to get her attention back on himself. She wasn’t quite ready for the kinky stuff Max enjoyed. Maybe in a few weeks they’d move on to more adventurous acts, but she was still fairly innocent. He wouldn’t want to push her too fast. Toni lifted a hand of recognition in Logan’s direction, blushing furiously under his obvious interest. She ducked her head, licked her upper lip, and tucked her long hair behind her ears.

Damn, she pushed every one of his lust buttons. And she wasn’t even trying to. Twenty minutes ago, that demure sweetheart had fucked him in the back of a limo on a busy street. He needed to get his act together and treat her better, or she was going to find someone else to teach her things. The very idea of another man touching her had him clinging to his thighs to keep his hands from balling into fists.

Another elbow in his ribs, allowed Logan to catch the tail end of the radio host’s question.

“. . . concert tonight?”

“Oh, yeah. Can’t wait. The fuckers in this town know how to party.” He made a set of devil horns and his rock-on face.

Everyone in the room stared at him as if he’d sprouted purple fur on his eyeballs and then burst out laughing.

“What?” he asked. “What did I say?” He probably shouldn’t have said fuckers on public radio, but he was sure some intern with fast reflexes had bleeped it out.

“He asked if you’d heard that a church group was protesting the concert tonight,” Dare said.

Smooth, Logan. “Don’t you think our fans should party with those effing protesters? Bring them over to the dark side?” Were they buying his attempt to cover up his slip?

His bandmates rolled their eyes at him, but the radio host took a liking to his idea. “KY101 will be there to get in on the action.”

“Free backstage passes to any fan who can get a protester to agree to come backstage with them,” Logan said, knowing he was taking this too far, but hell, he’d already fucked up, might as well make it an epic fail.

Max covered his microphone with one hand. “You’re gonna get someone killed,” he whispered angrily at Logan.

Shit, Logan thought. There he went acting and not thinking again. “Not by force or gunpoint,” he said into the microphone in front of him, knowing how dedicated some of their fans were and the lengths some of them would go for a backstage pass. “The protester has to legitimately want to come backstage because you convinced them that we’re awesome. And not Satanists.”

“Logan, I’m going to kick you in the teeth if you don’t shut up,” Max whispered harshly.

Logan produced his toothiest grin, knowing Max was all talk.

“You heard it, folks. If you can get a protester to agree to go backstage after the show . . .”

Logan glanced at Butch, who was standing in the corner scowling at the schedule he had clipped to a clipboard. “Before the show,” Logan said. They didn’t need any protestors at their after-party.

“Before the show,” the host echoed.

“At the meet and greet,” Dare said, as if struck by sudden inspiration.

Max nodded slightly, no longer looking like he wanted blood on his hands. Logan’s blood. Logan should have been paying attention to the interview instead of the sexy woman in nerds’ clothing who was grinning again as she wrote notes on a legal pad. If she was amused by him acting impulsively stupid, she’d have no problem being continually entertained. He could only concentrate on one thing at a time, and the woman had his full and undivided attention.


So if you’re wondering what happens when a church group and a bunch of metal heads collide at a meet and greet… I guess you’ll have to wait twelve more days.


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