8 Days until Insider and the Playlist Awesomeness Continues

Day 88 days!? I can’t believe how fast time is flying by. Early reviews are starting to come in and I’m relieved to say, they’re excellent so far. Readers are loving Logan and Toni’s love story and gaining an insider perspective into the workings of Exodus End.

I’m adding five more songs to the playlist this morning. I didn’t mean for time to get ahead of me like this. I meant to release a few songs at a time.

#8 Do You Wanna Rock by Danko Jones

This song was almost Logan’s theme song. I’m surprised by how much I love this tune. When it comes on my car stereo, I simply must crank it up until it’s loud enough to hear in the next county. It’s such a fun song (I think it’s the cow bell jam). Which is why it was almost Logan’s theme song. As Toni says, the man is fun from head to toe. Plus the kissing guy in this video sort of reminds me of Logan.

#9 Words as Weapons by Seether

This song is for Toni. She quickly learns the power of words. How beautiful they can be when treated properly and how much they can hurt when in the wrong hands. And it’s Seether. One of my favorite bands. I have to have some Seether on my playlist.

#10 Gemini Syndrome by Stardust

A song from Logan to Toni. She is perfect in his mind. Even if he does resist those feelings. And can I just say the intro to this song sounds like… Shinedown… Just sayin’… Absolutely love it though.

#11 Change by Deftones

This is an older tune and it could be construed as negative (especially pulling off the wings part–Logan GIVES Toni wings), but I choose to hear the song as positive. Change can be good. Toni and Logan change each other for the better. That’s the underlying theme of the book (if you’re into themes and junk). So I had to include this song. Plus, sexy voice. Mmmmm.

#12 Failure by Breaking Benjamin

First, I need to have a fangirl moment. SQUEEEEEE!! New Breaking Benjamin album!! WOOOOOT!!! I’ve been waiting so, so long. I didn’t think we were going to get anything new from them. This is a Toni song. There are people in her life who think she’s going to fail and their pessimism sinks into her normally optimistic outlook. Their lack of faith in her rattles her confidence, but she’s out to prove them wrong. Will she pull it off? You’ll have to wait and see.

If you’re looking for the giveaway results, I’ll post them this afternoon. If you’re wondering “What Giveaway?” Check out Friday’s post. You still have a few hours to enter!

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