Who won? Who won? Who won? Insider ARC Giveaway Winners Announced

Insider Prize

I loved reading through all the blog comments, facebook shares, and tweets. You all know how to bring a smile to my face. I used a random number generator to pick winners, because I can’t pick favorites. I’ll let the RNG do that. It saves me the guilt!

So here are the lucky winners. The RNG smiled on you tonight.

From my blog:

Aleksandra A. (I will email you directly from my oliviacunning.com email address. You might need to check your spam.)

From Facebook:

Nanette S. (I’ll message you on Facebook. You also might need ot check your spam.)

From Twitter:

Melissa D. (I’ll DM you!)

Stay tuned. I’m having a huge giveaway on release day. So you can still win signed books. Just not signed proof copies (where you can giggle at my type-os).